Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IT'S A......

GIRL!!! As you can tell from the color of this blog and the picture on the side - we have a girl! Our adoption caseworker sent us an email on Monday morning simply saying, "call me." Susan called Becky during the late morning and found out they had a baby girl for us. A half hour later, Becky sent us 5 pictures and our baby's referral information. This included her health records, weight/height, family names, etc. Yesterday I was able to meet with a pediatrician in our practice who reviewed our little girl's file and he told me "off the record" she looks perfect. Because he is not officially her doctor, he can only tell us facts about her statistics but he told us "off the record" we have a beautiful, healthy baby.

What comes next? Now we have a Power of Attorney signed, notarized, state certified and authenticated here in the US then we send it to Guatemala to be registered. This can take at least 6 weeks but the rumor is once this form is registered, we will be grandfathered in if Guatemala chose to cease all international adoptions. Our prayer is that this part in the process will move swiftly and without any delays.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Him,

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