Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fundraiser Update

Good afternoon!

This morning our family went to the Sunfest in Surf City. As we were leaving, Jack spoke with a Kiwanis member about our adoption. He invited Jack to bring a table of baked goods to sell at Sunfest tomorrow, free of charge! The tables run $60.00 for the weekend but he said they'll wave the cost for our fundraiser. We are now running around baking lots and lots of goodies!

Unfortunately, Jack is going to be leaving to go out of town tomorrow morning and I have a commitment to teach Sunday school. My parents have offered to sell the baked goods for us though! We are thanking the Lord for giving us an opportunity to raise more money to bring our little Pearl home. Yesterday we found out we didn't receive an adoption grant so we were brainstorming ways to raise more funds. Isn't it amazing to see God's plan revealed?!


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