Monday, September 24, 2007

How excited am I????

It's hard to believe we will be on our way to see Pearl in just twenty four hours! People have been asking for specific prayer requests so we've listed a few below. Once again, thank you for love and support over the past year. It's amazing to see our adoption process come to fruition as prepare to bring Pearl home in just six days!

Prayer Requests:

1. Safety - On the plane, in the car, in Guatemala, everywhere!
2. Pearl's attachment - Please pray that Pearl will feel comfortable with us and adapt well as she leaves her foster mom.
3. Pearl's foster family - Please give them strength and comfort as they have to say goodbye to the child they have raised since she was two weeks old.
4. Smooth VISA appointment at the US Embassy.

Thank you all! We'll update you when we arrive tomorrow!


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