Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Pearl is now 11 months old. It has been amazing to see so much growth in such a short time. In the four months since she came home, she has learned to sit up, crawl, sleep through the night, and eight pearly (no pun intended) teeth came in. Giggling has been the most exciting milestone! It took a lot of effort to get Pearl to laugh with us during the first three months. Since Christmas, Pearl has been giggling and smiling at us every time she looks our way. I recently told a friend Pearl has always been a Townsend but now she's really starting to act like one. It's so exciting and we thank God for her personality shining through.
It's hard to believe Pearl will turn one year old in just a month. We are looking forward to celebrating many more exciting milestones!
Thanks again for checking in and joining us on our journey.

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