Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hip Update

We took Sophia Rose and Annabelle to the pediatric orthopedic in SC yesterday. The best news we have ever received from any doctor - both of their hips look amazing! The x-rays showed completely normal hips. SR doesn't even have to go back for another 18 months. YEAH!!! It'll give her a nice break from pelvic radiation. AJ is scheduled to have her hardware removal surgery next May. She'll check in the hospital the night before her surgery, the next morning she'll have the screws and plates removed during a 140 minute surgery and she should be able to go home after one or two nights. From experience with SR, this surgery is a piece of cake.

It was a wonderful appointment and for those of you who know how much we absolutely love Dr. Pete, here is another reason to love him along with us. SR wore her glasses about a year ago and Dr. Pete made a big deal about her having glasses. He told her how pretty she looked, how cool her glasses were, etc. Well, the next visit (6 months ago) she forgot to wear them and he asked her where they were and we were all surprised that he remembered. This time, a year later from the last time he saw her wearing them, he said, "hey, these glasses are brown! You had black ones last time. What happened?" SR told him how Pearl broke them so she had to buy a new pair. Our doctor is so amazing. This story may seem insignificant to some but to a mom and dad who want the doctor who is performing surgeries on their daughter's bones, this was very meaningful. He has remembered so many small details that probably mean nothing to most people but everything to us. We love him for so many reasons and this is just another one...

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