Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi/Low Thursday

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It's hard to believe it's Hi/Low Thursday again! We've had such a busy week but it's been so full of joy!

HI: Today is Pearl's birthday! What a very special day! She is two years old today and what a blessing she is. She's talking and interacting - Pearl is such a toddler! Lately she has started climbing everything - chairs, beds, tables. Annabelle calls her a "little monkey" and Pearl just loves her new nickname. We took both Pearl and Ava for their well check appointments and both are healthy. Praise the Lord!

LOW: A little girl who has been battling Leukemia passed away this week. We only started following her blog recently but we fell in love with her spirit and of course our hearts are burdened for her family. Her site is Please lift her family up in prayer.

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