Friday, November 5, 2010

Sophie's Happy Hats

Sophie is knitting hats to help raise money for the adoption. This is a very exciting opportunity for her and we have all been blessed by her enthusiasm to help out. If you would like to order a hat from Sophie's Happy Hats, she will custom make your hat in any color (s) and size. Just send an email to and include size, color and quantity. You can pay simply by clicking on the donate button on the right side of our blogspot or you can send a check.

LARGE - $12.00 (adult)

MEDIUM - $10.00 (child or fits a small adult, depending if you like yours snug)

SMALL - $8.00 (baby or doll, fits American Girl perfectly!)

Shipping is a $1.00 per hat or if you purchase 3 or more, it's FREE! We would be happy to deliver in the Wilmington area.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Jack , Susie and Sophie

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