Monday, November 14, 2011


Jack and I have a burden for a sweet boy named Jeremiah. He is an orphan and he is blind. We are asking God to show us how we can help this little man and have decided to begin fundraising for him immediately.

Reece's Rainbow is an organization that raises awareness for special needs orphans around the world. Please check out the little boy we are praying for, Jeremiah.

How can you help? First, please start praying for him immediately. Pray for his health, pray for his spiritual and emotional well being. And please pray God will bring him a forever family to adopt him. Second, please join us in raising awareness for children with special needs that do not have a home. Lastly, please donate money in his name so that the family God calls to adopt him, won't be limited because of finances. It's so easy to do - just a click and you can donate! So many families would like to adopt but do not because of the high cost.

Thank you for your support.

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