Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011 (A little late....)

WOW! The orphanage approved us to adopt Jeremiah! YOUSERS! This is a huge opened door. Jeremiah's birth country regulates that the adoptive couple may have NO biological children in the home. We have five kiddos and three are biological! The orphanage is allowed to make special exceptions, especially for special needs children and we qualify! PRAISE GOD! We are super excited about this!

What comes next? PAPERWORK, PAPERWORK, PAPERWORK. We need to have our homestudy finalized, apply for USCIS approval to bring an international orphan into the US, apply to our agency, AND LOTS OF fundraisers. God will provide, no doubt!

Thanks again for joining us on this ride. A good day, indeed!

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