Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Written November 19, 2011 (posted 12/07/11)

The last 24 hours have been miraculous. It amazes me how constant God is and how He's always shining but sometimes He makes it really bright for me to see. There are times when I want to keep certain things He has done to myself or with Jack or just a few close friends and family, until I am ready to share His awesome wonders. Other times, I can do nothing but shout it out loud for everyone to know.

We received approval from the orphanage last evening. That was going to be the best news of the weekend until more good news came. The youth pastor at our church (Pastor JB) decided to do some fundraising on his own and called us up late last night to let us know that he had a $2,000 donation. Jack and I were praising God. THAT IS HUGE. We were appreciative to the person who donated it and we were appreciative to the one who humbled himself to ask for donations. But that wasn't all. I woke up this morning to a Facebook message from a dear, supportive friend who also has adopted and she and her husband decided to donate $3,000 to our fundraising efforts. There is only ONE who can make this happen. This is God. This is our Creator who cares about Jeremiah, much more than Jack or I do.

Every dollar counts. When someone gives $5, it makes a huge impact on me. Just knowing they love us and care for orphans is the best present of all. Today, we needed some big money. It's the beginning of the adoption process and this is when many bills are due. We needed $1,550 by Monday. Then $890 the following Monday and $1600 in December at some point. This is paid for and all the glory goes to God. We thank our supporters from the bottom of our hearts for listening to Him. By Christmas we'll need another $6900. There is no doubt in my mind God will provide this money. HE IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!

December 7, 2011 UPDATE: I held the post above to myself for a while until we were able to hand in a few important documents to secure Jeremiah as our son in the adoption process. Things are going extremely well and as I mentioned above, I have absolute peace that we will raise $6900 by the end of December. It is absolutely insane to believe WE can raise this money in just a few weeks. I can't explain it but I really do believe God is going to do this. I am so excited to see HOW He does it!

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