Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Important Announcement

Okay, I believe many of you might be tired of me talking about Friday night's fundraiser. I just can't help it! I am still in awe of this amazing, wonderful Lord we have the honor of serving. Yahweh Jireh (Jehovah Jireh) is a name for God which means, "The Lord will provide" in Hebrew. What a privilege to watch Yahweh Jireh take care of Jeremiah's adoption needs!

I have an announcement to make that I never dreamed possible at this point in the adoption process.


This all happened this weekend. Between the money raised through fundraisers, extremely generous donations and tax money, we are funded. I just can't grasp this for some reason. I went over the bills, recalculated the numbers, wrote to our agency asking for any bills I might be missing - and it all came out the same. We are funded.

People - this is all GOD! He allowed friends and family and strangers to come together at an extremely fast pace and raise all the funds needed to bring home an orphan. If you are considering adopting, if you feel God is leading you in that direction, please don't allow the financial burden to stop you. God will provide! He is our Yahweh Jireh!!!

I will never be able to adequately thank all the people who made this happen. I have praised God for you. Please praise Him for making this happen! My heart is so grateful!

With a thankful heart,

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Cindi S World said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is awesome news! Praise be to God!