Saturday, February 11, 2012


What an awesome few weeks we have had! First, we received our I600A approval from the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) and second, our dossier (huge load of paperwork) was translated and is at the Haitian Embassy in Chicago. Hopefully our dossier will be in processed in Haiti in the next two months. YAY-YAY!

Many of you have asked about the adoption process in Haiti. Every country is different so I want to share the timeline we are anticipating:

Homestudy - 1-3 months
Dossier Completion - 1-3 months
USCIS Approval - approximately 45 days
Dossier Translation at Haitian Embassy - 2 weeks
Dossier Processed in Haiti - 4-6 weeks
Dossier is sent to Haitian Court (IBESR) - 2-8 months
First Travel Trip to Haiti - varies
Paperwork to Parquet (adoption becomes legal) - 2-3 months
Adoption Review - 1-3 months
Adoption File to USCIS for Approval - 3 weeks
Wait for Visa Appointment - 3 weeks
PICK UP TRIP!!!!!!!!!

The highlighted steps are what we have completed.

Praise God! It looks like a terribly long process but I am prepared for the wait as best as I can be. I know it may seem strange because I have never met Jeremiah face to face, but some days I miss him so much. I hold our little boy, who is about 6 months younger than Jeremiah, and I have such an intense love for him and I wonder if someone is loving Jeremiah with the same intensity. I laugh with my daughters, and I pray someone is laughing with Jeremiah often.

Two years seems like a long wait but I'll keep highlighting each step we go through with praises to God and joyful anticipation of our forever day with Jeremiah!

It sounds so repetitive, but again, I thank you all for joining us on our family's journey. Every word of encouragement, every donation and every prayer is so deeply appreciated.

Love and joy,

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