Friday, May 25, 2007

A special treat for us this week...

As we were getting ready for bed two nights ago, I started fretting about not having pictures of Pearl during this time away from her. I thought about all the birth and newborn pictures of the older girls and expressed my concern to Jack. He agreed and decided to check how much it might cost to send a package of disposable cameras to Pearl's foster mother so that she could take pictures over the next few months. Twenty four hours later, we found out it would cost close to two hundred dollars just to send a small package to Guatemala.

So we had to decide - can you really put a price on pictures of your children when they are growing so fast? On the other hand, the adoption is costing a lot and we really need to save every penny. We didn't make a decision.

Yesterday, as I was searching online for information on traveling to Guatemala, I met a lady from Ohio who is traveling to Guatemala next week to bring her daughter home. Guess what??? She offered to take a gallon size ziplock bag full of items for us to give to our foster mother! I couldn't believe it! It was an amazing surprise and a wonderful blessing. God had it planned all along.

It was so exciting to pack a care package for Pearl. We packed 5 disposable cameras, an outfit, socks, a toy, a book, a photo album of our family, and a few gifts for the foster mother. You would be amazed at what can fit into a gallon size bag! :)

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