Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Interesting Facts

After prayerfully considering adoption, our research began reviewing domestic and international adoption. After we knew God was leading us towards international adoption, we were torn between Vietnam and Guatemala. When Jack learned that the average woman in Guatemala gives birth to 4 + children, he knew instantly our child was going to come from Guatemala. It didn't take me long to have a heart for Guatemala and the culture and once we were united on the country, we began the process last year. We'd like to share some statitistics with you:

Birth Rate: Guatemala births more than double the US births at 34.11 births/1,000 population for Guatemala vs. 14.16 births/1,000 population for the U.S.

Infant Mortality: In Guatemala infant mortality is 35.93 deaths per 1000 vs. 6 deaths per 1000 in the US.

Fertility Rate: On average, 2 children are born to every US woman where 4.53 children are born to every Guatemalan woman.

Poverty Rate: Guatemala has over 75% of it's population living under the poverty line, whereas in the U.S., only 12% live under the poverty line.

Stats came from the following website:

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