Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello from Guatemala!!!

We have arrived safely in our daughter's birth land. It was a very emotional experience when we flew into Guatemala City. Just knowing our daughter was born in the country we were entering and knowing she was only a few short miles away brought tears to our eyes.

As for our travels - the plane ride was very smooth and the girls did great. We were so glad we arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport 4 hours ahead of flight time because we had just enough time to use the bathroom, eat dinner and board the plane. We thought Miami would be packed but Fort Lauderdale was an adventure! We do highly recommend Spirit Air!

There is a line waiting to use the computer so we have to run. We can't wait to see Pearl tomorrow so we'll hopefully send pictures by noon. Thank you again for your love and constant prayers.

We love you all,
Jack and Susan

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