Thursday, August 30, 2007

Great news!

Pearl's birth mom had her final sign-off and Pearl has a new birth certificate with the last name Townsend. We are officially her parents in the eyes of the Guatemalan government!

Why aren't we down there picking her up? We have to wait on the US Embassy to officially give the go - known as PINK. We have been authorized for Pearl to have a second DNA test which will make sure she is the child we have been trying to adopt for the past six months. This DNA will be tested to make sure it matches her original DNA which matched her birth mother's DNA. This is a new step in the process but in all honesty, it will help with corruption and unethical adoptions. Though it'll prolong bringing Pearl home about 2 weeks, it is a step forward for Guatemalan adoptions.

We are so excited because there is a strong possibility we will be leaving to pick Pearl up in three weeks. She turned six months old a week ago and we haven't seen her in over a month. We miss her so much and we're eager to have her home with us. Thank you all for praying for her new birth certificate to come quickly!

Jack and Susan

PS Please continue to pray for Guatemala. The elections are on September 9 and there is still so much political unrest. It looks like we will be traveling after the elections which is a blessing.

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