Monday, August 20, 2007

No news.....

We still haven't heard any news on the adoption. As of right now, we are waiting on a new birth certificate. Hopefully Pearl's birthmother has already had her fourth and final sign off. This is the waiting game. Things are slowing down so it looks like Pearl might not be home until the end of September.

Guatemala is up for elections, which will take place on Sept 9. There have been some very serious situations that have occurred surrounding these elections. Political leaders and their staff members have been killed and attacked recently and there is political unrest in the country right now. We are so thankful to live in the US and it's so easy to take our freedoms and safety for granted. I just heard that the hotel we stayed at in Guatemala City (the same hotel we must stay at when we pick Pearl up) went under lock-down today because of the protesting. All adoptive families are restricted to their rooms.

Please pray for Guatemala, pray for Pearl and pray for our new friends from the orphanage who live with the election turmoil each day.

Thank you again for joining us on our journey to bring Pearl home. We look forward to posting some good news this week regarding Pearl's new birth certificate!

Jack and Susan

More information on the Guatemalan elections:

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