Thursday, September 6, 2007

DNA update

Any news is great news at this point. We found out yesterday afternoon that our DNA sample arrived at LabCorp in North Carolina. Hip-hip-hooray! It could take one week (possibly two but hopefully not) to process the results and then two days for the results to get to Guatemala via FedEx. Quickly after the US Embassy receives the results we should have PINK! PINK tells us the date we will have Pearl's VISA appointment. Typically once we have PINK our appointment is 4-10 days off. So - we are expecting to be in Guatemala the week of September 24th.
Please keep praying things will continue to move swiftly and smoothly. Thank you all!


By the way, the scripture in my devotion yesterday morning was from Isaiah 30:18.
"Blessed are all they that wait for him." I kept repeating it over and over again throughout the day, trying to apply it to our circumstance. Then at 4:05 pm we received the call that our DNA arrived at the lab. What a special blessing!

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