Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good evening, friends!

We're posting this evening to ask our friends and family for a favor. While we were in Guatemala, we had the privilege of visiting two orphanages. It was a very special time for us but it was also heartbreaking. Both hogars (children's homes) touched our hearts. Teenagers stayed at one hogar and young children stayed at the other.

As we began packing for our trip yesterday, we decided to include an extra suitcase for the orphanage we visited that housed older children. These teenagers have absolutely nothing. A beautiful lady with a heart of gold found all of the children on the street and decided to take them in. Most of them don't even know their birthdays, let alone their birth families. Two children have severe disabilities and the extent is not even known because the owner can't afford to take them to the doctor. Many orphanages in Guatemala are very poor. At this time, there is no social welfare program so they get absolutely no funds from the government. We have helped out with the orphanage that is directed toward younger children but now we would like to bring items down for this orphanage with mainly teenage girls and one boy.

These are the items we are collecting:

1 suitcase (we'll leave it with them)
gently used or new teenage girl clothes or small adult women's clothes
teenage boy clothes (though there is only 1 boy so we will need more clothes for the girls)
hygiene products (these teenagers have never even been to a dentist and rarely see a doctor)
anything special teenagers might like (I really don't know a lot about teenagers but anything you think they might enjoy)

We are anticipating leaving to pick Pearl up around the week of the 24th so if you are able to donate some items for this orphanage, please let us know and we'll arrange to get them from you.

Thank you so much!

Jack and Susan

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