Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Special Birthday!!!

Today is Sophia Rose's 7th birthday. Every year we tell her the story of her birth. It always brings back so many remarkable memories and in many ways it feels like yesterday. Seven years ago, I was overdue and ready to hold my baby but I didn't feel like the baby was ready to make his/her debut. No signs, no Braxton Hicks, nothing. We had a check up in the afternoon and our beloved 75 year old OBGYN said I was ready to go any second. I didn't feel ready. Sure I was impatient, but I didn't feel anything happening. He wanted to induce the next morning but I was very hesitant and downright resistant to the idea. I felt like our baby would come when he or she was ready and I didn't want to push start anything. In the end, Jack and I decided doctor knows best and we set an induction appointment for the next morning.

I was disappointed after our doctor appointment so I called our dear friends (if you are reading this, you know exactly who you are and I love you to pieces!) and told them though I was thrilled to meet our baby, I was nervous to be induced the next day. Wonderful people that they are, they came over to the house with tons of gushy, gooey, Kohl's ice cream sundaes and prayed for us. I remember sitting with them and selfishly praying my loving doctor would get very sick and have to cancel the induction and at the same moment our sweet friends were praying the baby would start to move things along on his/her own but also asking God to give me peace and comfort to move forward with the induction. They left the house around 8:00 pm. About an hour later I started having contractions. It was an obvious answer to prayer! We ended up going to the hospital around 6:00 am (which was the time we were due for our induction) and baby Sophia Rose made her entrance at 11:18 am.

Seven years later....Sophia Rose is full of wisdom, which is exactly what the name Sophia means! She enjoys playing piano and soccer and loves to read. What a blessing she is to us - we praise the Lord for her!

Happy, happy birthday, Sophia Rose!

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Michelle Riggs said...

Your girls are beautiful.

Thank you for praying for Abby.