Monday, September 29, 2008

Pearl's One Year Anniversary

Today is a very special day. Some call it "Gotcha Day" or "Homecoming Day" but we've decided to call it "Family Day." It is the day Pearl came to live with us, the day we became a family of 6, the day we starting combining the Guatemalan culture with the American culture into our home. Because we have three biological children in addition to Pearl, we've decided to make this day about all four of the kids. We are having a "Family Day Fiesta" party on Saturday and we're excited to celebrate the blessing of children with our friends and family!

We honestly don't know where the year has gone. It feels like she's been a part of our lives for so long and yet, the memories of those months of waiting for her to come home are still so fresh. Pearl has adapted to our family with such ease. She has a terrific personality, a strong will (she is one of us after all) and she absolutely loves her sisters.

We especially thank you for your prayers and support through the adoption process and also over the past year. Please join us in celebrating this special day by praying for the orphans living in foster care and orphanages. Also, please pray for the children who are waiting for their "forever families" to be able to pick them up and bring them home. The adoption process (in the US, Guatemala, China, etc.) is difficult and long so please remember to keep their biological and adoptive families covered in prayer.

Thank you so much for joining us on our exciting journey!

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