Monday, December 12, 2011

IPAD2 winner is.....


Congratulations to Tamela and thank you all for contributing! Hopefully everyone has read the post prior to this one, which explains how the winner was chosen. We had 32 contributors and 807 entries to the giveaway. I've included a picture of the page to see the winning number. THANK YOU!!!

Again, we want to thank everyone for donating and re-posting and inviting friends to join our blog and Facebook page. Adoption fundraising is extremely humbling. It's not easy to ask for donations, it's not easy to see others ask for donations on our behalf. So often God takes us out of our comfort zone so that we may grow and that He may be glorified. It's my prayer that God has been honored through this giveaway. Every donation means something to us and every donation is one step closer to bringing Jeremiah home. Thank you again.

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