Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bring in the New Year Giveaway!

I know I say this a lot, but I am absolutely AMAZED at the generosity of people. I know we can sit and complain about the bad in the world, but I see Christ shining often and I rejoice in it!

On Sunday, a very generous person at church approached me with a $50 gift card to Macaroni Grille to use for a giveaway. Just out of the blue, she asked if we might be able to use it on our facebook/blogs as a giveaway to raise money for Jeremiah.

The love and encouragement is so overwhelming and so humbling.

After talking with my adoption advisors (very close friends who run all kinds of giveaways and have supported adoptions or adopted themselves) these are the rules we came up with:

You will receive an entry into the giveaway for each time:

1. You donate $5 using the CHIPIN button

2. You buy a Pancake Breakfast Ticket for January 14 (use the CHIPIN button but please leave a message saying you want a PB ticket and we will get it to you)

3. You place a 31 order (for every $5 you spend, you will receive an entry, you must use the button on the side of this blog and place an order under Jeremiah's party - look for Thirty-One information under Jeremiah's pic on the right side of this blog or click here )

4. Buy a t-shirt (click on the buttons on the right side of the blog to place an order)

5. Re-post on any media site and follow this blog or Sophie's blog.

Please leave us a message on one of our blogs letting us know what you have done to earn an entry!

Thank you!!!


John Scott said...

Just bought our tickets for some delicious pancakes. Can't wait!

Yvonne said...

Hey I've noticed your cute litle guy...we are adopting thru RR- we're on the Almost There page -Genesis & Dmitry for the Clanton family- Both of the children we are adopting are blind. We also have a bio son who is blind and an adopted son who has vision issues...I love blind kids:) I wanted to write you to let you know our bio son has had several surgeries and can see to some extent. Looking at your little boy, makes me think he might be elegable for the same type surgery. I'd LOVE to talk to you my # is 352 567 6208. I've researched eye issues so I can tell you based on where you live some of the better eye hospitals. We live in Florida but go to Rochester NY for our son. I've been dying to talk to you guys and was glad when I saw a blog listed.

Yvonne Clanton