Saturday, March 17, 2012

My sweet boy

Two weeks ago our son turned one. I am still so amazed at how God orchestrated his adoption. Over the past month I have been reliving the events leading up to his birth and to his adoption. I think about the time we spent with our son's birth mom, his birth dad and the other members of his biological family. I remember the time we spent traveling around his birth state with fond memories that I look forward to sharing with him. I also remember the tears. Adoption is beautiful but it would be naive to believe it is not without pain. I remember the cries and the deep sadness I felt for my son's birth family. I remember feeling so inadequate and begging God to give me the words to speak to them. My heart hurt for them and yet I had so much pure joy.

This joy has only increased in the past year. I wish I could share all the ways God blessed our family when He brought our son into our lives. The girls have welcomed their little brother with open arms and love him dearly. My heart is so full of gladness when I see his smile, hear his giggle or hold his little hand. I am so thankful.

On his birthday, like every other "Gotcha Day" or birthday we celebrate, I will prayed for my son's biological family. I thought about Pearl's biological mom and her foster families. These are people who knew about our adopted children before we did. These people loved our children before we knew sbout them. I pray their hearts are not hurting as much as they first did, I pray they will know what a gift they gave us when they made the most selfless choice a person could make and I pray they know how grateful I am for their gift.

Thank you, Lord, for my precious guy, whom I love dearly.

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