Monday, April 9, 2012

On to our next step!

We just received word that our file has been entered into IBESR, which is Haitian Social Services. Many refer to this stage as the "black hole" because files can sit on a desk for months, or even years. We are praying this will not be the case for Jeremiah. We are praying that His timeline will allow our file to be exited at super speed! All glory to Him!

For those of you keeping track of our progress, here is a "typical" Haitian adoption timeline:

1. Homestudy - 1-3 months
2. Dossier Completion - 1-3 months
3. USCIS Approval - 45 days
4. Dossier Translation at Haitian Embassy - 2 weeks
5. Dossier Processed in Haiti - 4-6 weeks
6. Dossier Entered IBESR - 4-10 months (ours went in 03/27/12)
7. First Travel Trip to Haiti - varies
8. Exit IBESR and Paperwork to Parquet (adoption becomes legal) - 2-3 months
9. Adoption Review - 1-3 months
10. Adoption File to USCIS for Final Approval - 3 weeks
11. Visa Appointment - 3 weeks
12. PICK-UP TRIP!!!!!!!!

* The highlighted steps are completed!

Please continue to pray for Jeremiah and the adoption process. We pray for favor upon our file especially during this stage. IBESR is where Jeremiah's file meets our dossier and a social worker reviews it for approval. This is where every document, every medical record, every statement will be critiqued. IBESR actually consists of 4 stages and our prayer is that we breeze through each one! It is a huge request but our God is HUGE!

Thank you again for joining us on our journey!


Chandres said...

Congratulations on making it to the next stage! I'm praying you're on the 4 month end of that 4-10 months!

Jack and Susan said...

Thank you, Chandres! Oh, I am so thankful to have friends praying for our process! I'm amazed DAILY at the support we receive. THANK YOU!