Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update from Jeremiah's Home

Here is a prayer request from Jeremiah's caregivers.  Prayer warriors, please join me in intercessory prayer! 

Our baby house is getting full. Please pray that our adoptions process quickly so these children can go home to their families and so that we can take in other children who are sick and or malnourished!

The staff at Jeremiah's home provide housing, nourishment and medical care to very sick children.  Their goal is to nourish these little ones, educate their parents and transition them back to their homes.  What a fantastic ministry!

For a child like Jeremiah, who is unable to reunite with his biological family, they provide a home until another family is approved to adopt him.  Like many ministries, the resources are limited.  The staff is asking for our prayers.  The little ones who are adoptable need forever families quickly and sick children in Haiti need medical treatment. 

I've said it many times but Haiti has an extremely intense, drawn out, long adoption process.  PLEASE pray for adoption cases to move at a super fast speed.   There are some very sick children in Haiti and their parents are unable to care for them in their homes and need the medical care and support that Jeremiah's facilities can offer.  Please join me in praying for the sick children, the families learning how to care for their malnourished and sick children, the children waiting on forever families and the staff, volunteers and nannies who love these children so much.  Thank you.

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