Friday, June 1, 2012

Yay, another Jeremiah update!

You would think the waiting would be easier since we have been through the adoption process before.  You would think we would have the fruit of patience all perfected by now.  Not so.  Every day is a struggle without our little boy home.  We think about him often and when we look at his picture, it actually hurts.  But we are so blessed.  One day he will live with us, love with us, experience joy with us.  Right now we wait and we thank God for the opportunity to be his mommy and daddy.  We thank God that one day we will bring him home.  We praise God that WE get to be his parents!  Please enjoy this update on our little man.  I think I have read it at least 25 times in the past two weeks and now it's time to share it with you! 

He is such a happy adorable little boy that everyone is drawn to. He is always full of smiles and is very interesting in discovering new things. We recently had a walker shipped down to us for him and he absolutely LOVES it. It is a jeep that has a steering wheel with a horn that makes sounds and music and he loves pushing the buttons over and over. He loves walking all over the place in his jeep walker and is always smiling when he is in it. He loves being so mobile and able to make sounds. His nannies just took him for a walk with the boys from his room and he didn’t stop laughing and jumping up and down. He was so excited the whole time. He is so fun to watch.

I wish I could thank the person who sent him his walker.  What a blessing they are to give our precious son a gift that he enjoys and one that brings laughter to him.  God is so good!   I can't wait to hear that laughter myself! 

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