Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guatemala Day 1

Hello friends! We have arrived in Guatemala! Oh how I love it here! The memories of our prior two trips quickly came back as soon as we got in the van to drive to our new home. The girls were screaming, "we're on a roller coaster!" and giggling the entire drive. Who needs carseats, seat belts and speed limits? ;) After we arrived, we spent a few hours talking to our landlords. What a kind couple they are! There was a lot to go over including tips for us "gringos" as we learn what to eat, where to go, what not to eat, where not to go. ;) There's not a lot to update right now but we thank God for an uneventful trip! This morning we are attending the church we will be volunteering at during our stay. Can't wait!!! Thanks for joining us on our journey!


John Scott said...

You're all in our prayers. Thanks for the update.

Jack and Susie said...

Thanks, John! We always appreciate your encouragement. Praying for you this morning!