Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 12 - Meet Juana

Juana is a mother to 9 children. She has lived in the village of San Pedro her entire life. She has always worked. Before a girl can attend school in Guatemala they must know how to cook five meals, clean a house and weave. All before the age of five years old. Juana came to our home this week to teach us how to make a popular Guatemalan dish, called Pepian. First she took us to the local market to buy the foods. What an experience! She told us if she was not with us, everything would have been double the price. After shopping, we walked back to the house and started cooking. The best part of the experience...she doesn't speak English. What a fun time we had trying to communicate with one other! Juana is a lovely woman and spending the afternoon with her was. very special blessing.

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