Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guatemala Day 6: Props to the 'rents!

For those that don't know me well, I tend to over-research before I do anything. Especially before we go away. I like to know everything about where I am going. The good and the bad. I like to know if a hotel has bed bugs, which restaurants are yummy and not so yummy, random travelers tips and of course what kind of activities to do. So our trip to Guatemala was no different. A year ago I approached my parents about our plan to travel to Pearl's birth country and within a few weeks, they made the decision to join us. Over the last year, I compiled a list of travel tips to Guatemala and shared them with my parents long before we disembarked. So as I was sick this week, my parents went on with activities as planned. The funny thing is, they totally disregarded my research. Here are just a few of the tips they totally negated: 1. Take Probiotics every day before travel. I bought a case of these for both the adults and the children. Who took them consistently for 9 months? Me. Who did not? My parents. Who got sick? Me. I'm still taking them... 2. Eat at Gringo owned restaurants only. Before we arrived, I had a list of restaurants I researched that fully cooked their foods, washed produce well, etc. When we arrived, I reviewed the list with our landlord who agreed they were safe. While I was in bed, my parents did not consult me on where to eat and totally went off my list of safe restaurants and foods! They are still feeling fine... 3. Do not ride a Chicken Bus. OHMYGOODNESSS. Imagine my shock when my parents told me they rode a bus OUT OF TOWN to work at a school! I told them over and over we probably wouldn't do this because of safety concerns. One day I'm out of commission and they completely disregard my safety instructions! Our landlord was shocked when we told her they rode the chicken bus two days in a row. She and her husband have lived here 7 years and rode it one time and promised one another they would never ride it again. 4. Don't bring jewelry. Okay not only did my mom bring some jewelry. She's rockin' it. She goes to the school with her pretty skirts and makeup and jewelry and the kids love it. It's new for them, it's fun to play with and I'll also admit, it kept our baby busy and happy on the airplane. I am really proud of my parents. Though I assumed they were joining us to enjoy this beautiful country as an extended vacation, they have completely embraced the vision and the culture. They didn't wait for me to start working, they aren't sitting around in fear, they are getting out and being a light. They are doing exactly what they were called to do. Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Thanks again for your prayers.

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pastorjb said...

I would like to say that I like your parents style. Who needs planning and thinking ahead? Anything that has chicken in the name is guaranteed a try from me! I love chicken!!!!! Go chicken bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!