Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guatemala Day 7: One week already?

It's hard to believe we have already been here a week! We had someone ask what Jack has been up to so I thought I'd fill you in. Each morning Jack walks the girls to Spanish School (one and half mile walk from our home) and then he walks to a small worshop behind the church. He helps two men who have been prepping materials for metal structured homes. Usually Jack grinds and paints. Both men don't speak English so Jack has been improving his Spanish! ;) He is enjoying the work and I can tell he's already looking forward to tomorrow's job. This weekend was very restful. Yesterday we took a walk around town for a few hours and came home to a pot full of homemade tamales. Yum! This morning we went to church and had another outstanding worship experience. It poured during the service (yay for tin roofs) and then we walked home in the rain and mud. After getting showered off, we decided rest time and a fire in the fireplace was in order. Hope you're doing well, friends!

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