Monday, July 9, 2012

Guatemala Day 8: Why Guatemala?

In all honesty, if we knew we would be adopting JJ from Haiti when we started planning this trip, we probably never would have come. We would have saved the money and put it directly towards our adoption expenses. Clearly God had other plans because within a month after we booked our flights to Guatemala, we were feeling a tug towards JJ. I think that was God's way of making sure we came here because travel expenses were non-refundable so we were going to Guatemala, no matter what! When we adopted Pearl five years ago, Jack and I both felt an immediate connection to Guatemala both on our visit trip and on our pick up trip. Our daughter was born here and that was definitely a significant part of it. Guatemala is in her. It is part of her birth heritage, her birth culture, her birth family. Her biological family resides here and that means a great deal to us. We don't know exactly what God has planned for our relationship with this beautiful country but a piece of Guatemala resides in our hearts. We are so blessed to be here.

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