Saturday, October 13, 2012

Would you?

What if we told you you could adopt a child and there would be NO fees?  Would you do it?  What if we told you you wouldn't have to travel?  Would you do it then?

There is a little boy in Haiti who is waiting for a forever family.  His roommates will one day leave to live with their forever families but he will still be there.  His name is "Josiah" and there are so many hearts burdened for him that people are coming together to ensure he has a full grant.

Let me share a few reasons someone should adopt "Josiah" from Haiti:

1.  If you do not like to travel or you are unable, they will have an escort bring "Josiah" to you!
2.  So many countries stipulate how young you have to be to adopt. In Haiti, they want you to be at least 35!  Think you are too old to adopt?  THINK AGAIN!  "Josiah" needs you!
3.  "Josiah" has the most pleasant smile.  He looks around the room with joy on his face. This little boy just wants to hear all about Jesus' love for him!
4.  If money is an issue, I guarantee it will be available.  This is a BOLD statement coming from me.  I am standing out on faith and there is no doubt in my mind the fees to adopt this sweet boy will be covered in full. I am not just talking about country fees and homestudy fees.  I am talking about ALL OF THE FEES.
5.  Your faith will grow.  It's inevitable.  Our God is HUGE.  Just watch.

We need your help.  Please share this sweet boy with others, shout it all over your media sites, and pray for his forever family to come forward quickly. 


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

What a handsome boy!!! Praying his family finds him very, very, very soon. I would be showing his picture to my husband except neither of us is even over 30 yet. Prayers for you, little Josiah!!!

Jack and Susie said...

Joy - thank you for your comment. Oh he is such a precious boy! Thank you for praying for him and doing your part! Blessings!